Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Kamarainba is becoming a Thorn on the neck for the present leadership

Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, the soft spoken, humble man of the people was once regarded as a trouble maker within the political divide to those who don’t know him. The young and charismatic leader of the ADP is not only a politician; he is also a freedom fighter. The name Kamarainba has become a household name and he must not be underestimated or written off; this young patriot is now becoming a political emblem for national unity within the Sierra Leone youth in promoting freedom and justice in his home land, Sierra Leone. Indeed Kamarainba has often demonstrated on social media and particularly to the youths of Sierra Leone his love of country and his public service as a freedom fighter for the voiceless. The current APC National Secretary General, Osman Yansaneh once had a clash with the young man and that contributed to the young Kamararainba’s elevation to the political lime light. I once met the young man in the State of Maryland; he was friendly, charming. The 2018 presidential elections have demonstrated to every Sierra Leonean that Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray ought to be taken seriously. He recently contested for the highest office of the land and made a serious political impact. This week criticisms by Mr. Kamarainba against president Bio and the SLPP political establishment defines who Kamarainba is and what he stands for. Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad have started taken this young man seriously and what he stands for. Every Sierra Leonean at home and abroad expects the bells of freedom and democracy in the country to prevail. This is not the first time Kamarainba has done it ; he used to critic the APC and the EBK administration, whenever he found it necessary . He is bold and courageous when it comes to the right of the ordinary Sierra Leonean. Kamarainba has now become the voice for the voiceless and President Madda Bio has just elevated this young man to the mountaintop. The recent radio interview with Kamarainba did not prove to be seditious and his criticisms against the Bio administration have genuine facts and illustrations. No one expects this to result to an arrest of the ADP leader. The one hundred days of the SLPP administration has shown no new economic progress. Most of the people are still feeling the hard times and inflation has made everything expensive. While other opposition leaders have become politically mute, Mr. Kamarainba of the ADP party has become the leader of a new political movement in Sierra Leone. This is a movement based on freedom of speech and democracy. Now that this young charismatic leader of the ADP party has gained a new sense of direction, and hope to free his people from economic strangulation, he will continue to promote freedom of speech and democracy. One can see the number of new followers coming to his political rally. His momentum is building up political steam and Sierra Leoneans have started taken this young patriot seriously. The young man is becoming the modern freedom fighter of our time and is ready to make meaningful sacrifices for Mama Salone. Kamarainba is becoming a Thorn on the neck for the present leadership in order to save his flocks and promote freedom of speech and democracy. With the present political climate in Sierra Leone would he succeed? Time will tell. THE THOUGHT OF THE DAY: EDITORIAL PAGE OF THE VOICE PEACE.

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