Saturday, June 23, 2018

Mama Salone has had enough and in need of soul searching and not to create another blood bath.

The United States of America has become the place where one can find different types of wasted Fools, who think they know too much. Fellow Sierra Leoneans the picture you see above this article is no less than a Midget from the State of Maryland, known to be the Chief psychopath of the WhatsApp Media forum. This man called Mohamed Kutubu Koroma is a wasted brain, believed to suffer from a lack of empathy for his political opponents, and in the WhatsApp forum he continues to spew hate and lies against the entire APC establishment due to some sociological factors. This fat Pig has wasted much of his fifty years in the United States without making a single visit to his home land Sierra Leone. How would the present SLPP leadership listen to a Big, fat fool like Mohamed Kutubu Koroma? This Midget was once a strong opponent of Madda Bio and a Card Carrier of the NGC political organ. Now he has jumped the SLPP ship and fighting to become a political advisor of the Ruling SLPP, after spewing diabolical attack against the SLPP leadership during the campaign season and asked Madda Bio to step aside and support Kandeh Yemukellah. Mohamed Kutubu Koroma the talking Head of WhatsApp forum is not worth listening to. Most of his ideas are archaic and just full of hate, tribal divide and a bridge to the past. It would not be a help to the present administration. The SLPP administration needs to build a bridge to the future Mr. Mohamed Kutubu Koroma. Mohamed Kutubu Koroma’s ideas of setting commissions of inquiries would not help Sierra Leone, but would further divide the people of Sierra Leone. President Bio is well knowledgeable enough and knows what the country needs. Mr. Mohamed Kutubu Koroma, where were you when the country was in political turmoil and was under serious and terrible civil war? Mama Salone has had enough and in need of soul searching and not to create another blood bath. After keeping yourself in the U.S for the past fifty years with frustration Mr. Koroma, your brain no longer functions properly; the country of Sierra Leone does not need those outdated and, old fashioned ideas, mixed with antiquated Shakespearean idioms. Please leave those to the past. Let’s give a chance to Madda Bio. President Madda Bio does not need a failure’s advice. Your fifty wasted years in the United States has earned you nothing but negative ideas. Mohamed Kutubu Koroma would be the least fool after Charles Margai President Madda Bio would ask for advice. Those audios of yours serve nothing, but as laughter and exposure of your stupidity and lack of sense of direction. Madda Bio does not serve as President of Bo, but he is serving the entire nation of Sierra Leone. It is time for the entire nation to stand together and help him run the country. This is what is expected from each and every one of us. It is time for Kutubu Koroma to either put up shut up. Weekend Editorial Page of the Voice of Peace, news and comments, Wusumtimes Editor in Chief, Umaru Jalloh. • ... • Wishing you a day that is as special in every way as you are! ... Hope your special day, brings you all that your heart desires!

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